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One of our core values in doing business with our clients is trust. Without it, things do not run as smoothly. This is why we want you to get to know us a little better.
How we started - What we believe in - What makes us different.



To offer the most efficient and effective solutions to legal, financial, tributary and administrative problems that affect our clients during the process of familiarizing themselves with the laws of the American system.  F & J Service provides a professional, high-quality and client-oriented service.



Our ultimate goal is to see the community we service succeed in the ever-changing landscape of the United States; not only from a financial standpoint, but from a societal and communal one as well. We hope that with our help, our clients can gain the right experience and confidence to overcome the many challenges that come with success.



We officially opened our doors to the community in 1989. Having been in business for over 24 years, we have proven time and again that our excellent service has helped thousands of people get through the difficult issues that have come their way. Early on, we understood that immigrants from all over the world came to this country for a chance at success. Many had no one to guide them, to help them assimilate into society. Without that help, the situation is only harder than it already is. We wanted to provide guidance to all those seeking a helping hand. We wanted to provide a service where we could share our experiences and our knowledge of the American laws and the American system in general. This business has been very rewarding - especially now that we have served three generations of families! It is something we are very proud of and it is a testament to the lasting relationships we build and lives we help transform.

How We're Different


Many companies in this industry try to sell their clients on big return checks. In many cases, this isn't always a good thing. These salesmen will bend and even break some rules in order to inch every dollar from the government. We have a duty and responsibility as law-abiding citizens to deal with our government in an honest manner, and expect the same back. Paying our taxes is part of that responsibility.

We are not saying we don't like big return checks-because with our expertise, we can help you get them-but both legally and honestly. Through our experience, we know our limitations and the Government's expectations. Don't be lured by tax salesmen promising you bigger returns. Stop by our office and we can come up with a long-term tax plan to achieve the best returns.

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